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Lighting systems for remote & cold weather applications

Our unique and proprietary industrial lighting technology is durable, mobile and provides 360° of high quality, glare-free light with a very small footprint. Lights dramatically increase the level of workplace safety and productivity.

These lighting systems are dramatically increasing the levels of safety and productivity for Canadian Industry and Construction and these systems are now the lighting of choice for the Alberta Oil Sands projects. Light, mobile, yet extremely powerful, these lights are also the most energy efficient lighting systems available today. 

Benefits include:

  • increased safety 
  • increased productivity
  • efficient
  • adaptable
  • rugged
  • no glare
  • no shadows

These lights are available in many sizes and configurations to suit the job at hand. The lights deploy in just minutes with one person, are light weight and portable while still providing a significant amount of light. These lights are an extremely efficient use of power and many can be run from inverters or small generators.

Airstar Industrial lights are used on paving machines to Tower lights, all providing a safe comfortable work environment that does not glare or blind workers or traffic even in the harshest weather in northern Canada.

Our mission is to actively seek management opportunities in emerging products and services that are not only supported by NUNA's extensive experience in the mining and construction market but have potential for success in the broader marketplace.

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