Emergency Services & Disaster Relief

Wether is be in training exercises or in the field, Nuna Innovations Inc., has the tools to help save lives and aid in the efficiency and safety of emergency and disaster relief response operations. Some of our key products first gained acclaim through applications in the military and armed forces and these applications transfer very well to emergency, disaster or search and rescue operations.

Airstar Lighting

Good lighting conditions are key to safety!

  • increased safety 
  • increased productivity
  • efficient
  • adaptable
  • rugged
  • no glare
  • no shadows


    The US Military needed a lightweight, rollable solution that could stand up to heavy foot traffic, inclement weather and high rolling loads for there Forward Operating Bases. PORTAFLOOR PRO was sent to create a strong, stable surface. After installing PRO, FOB operations were able to continue despite inclement weather and mud seasons.

    Also, In conjunction with the UAF BEAR Program, PORTAFLOOR PRO and a collection of other related temporary and portable products were combined to supply the UAF the necessary items to successfully meet the objective of providing portable kitchen units for the Air Base camps overseas.

    PORTAFLOOR's 'light and lean' features provided a winning advantage over heavier alternatives requiring tools and equipment to install. In situations where crews need to focus on saving lives, this is the ideal method of ground stabilization which is quickly installed and allows crews to get to work where they are truly needed.

    Concrete Canvas Shelters

    Rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction. Operational and financial advantages over conventional tented shelters and operational on the first day. The concrete shell offers better security and are environmentally friendly. The concrete shelter boasts a 10 years of design life. Savings on effort and cost over the lifetime of medium to long term operations. Can be deployed in military bases and when back filled the shelter is blast proof and flame proof. Concrete Shelters have been successfully deployed as field clinics and storage depots.

    Emergency Services & Disaster Relief

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