Light Solutions

Nuna Innovations Inc. carries a range of industrial lighting products. Our customized light towers allow us to configure our lighting products to fit your needs. We specialize in both light tower rentals and light tower sales. If you currently have light towers, we can outfit our lighting solutions on your existing light towers for energy and budget savings. Whether you want to switch to Airstar balloon lights, we can tell you exactly how much you will be saving with high-efficiency high-quality industrial lighting.

Our custom lighting solutions calculator allows our sales staff to offer an accurate quote on how much you could be saving by modifying your current light towers or switching to a customized Nuna Innovations lighting solution. You will not only be saving money but also making an environmentally friendly choice for your industrial lighting solution.

We can outfit our Magnum MLT4060 light towers with a variety of arrangements to ensure the best possible lighting solution for each of our clients.

The Magnum MLT4060 light tower is built and designed for the most extreme environments, from deserts to the frozen tundra. The Magnum offers complete flexibility with 360 degree rotation, 120V and 240V convenience outlets, an hour meter engine, lockable cabinet, and fork guides on the mast and under the trailer.

Airstar Lighting

Airstar lighting 360 degree balloon lights are a patented, portable, industrial lighting system that greatly improves workplace safety and productivity. The Airstar line of Industrial and Safety lighting produces glare free light in 360 degrees unlike conventional lights allowing work to be done in any direction safely without UV ray exposure.

Sirocco and Flex lights are available in small pathway lights to 4,000 watt tower generator lights for events, construction, road work, work-site lighting and more. Many Police Services use Airstar lights across Canada because of the rapid deployment and large shadow free light for Safety, Traffic Reconstruction and Forensic Identification. Many of these lights are also available for rent, commonly used for festivals, concert setup, parking lots and pathway safety. We will also brand them for your occasion.

For more information on Airstar Lighting visit our Airstar product page or contact us today!

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