Nuna Innovations Inc. works closely with some of the world's most forward thinking manufacturers to bring you the innovative products that reflect our company's name and, in turn, our values. We strive to bring our clients leading-edge technologies that will set them apart from the competition. Click the images below to learn more about our manufacturers.


Milliken is the North American manufacturer of Concrete Clothâ„¢. Nuna Innovaitions Inc. is the licensed distributor of Milliken Concrete Clothâ„¢ in Canada, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.


PortaFloor manufactures portable flooring, temporary flooring and access mats for military, mining, oil and gas, and event surfaces. Nuna Innvoations Inc. supplies PortaFloor products to all of North America.



Airstar America, Inc. is the inventor and world leader in balloon lighting technology. For the past 20 years, Airstar has dominated the field of safety lighting with the production of our glare-free, 360-degree lights. The Sirocco and Flex lighting systems allow increased traffic flow safety; create a safe work environment while reducing maintenance and energy consumption.



Hella manufactures a full line of high efficiency, durable, LED industrial lighting solutions for rugged working applications. Nuna Innovations Inc. carries the full line of Hella mining products including work lamps, beacons, fixed lighting, signal lamps, interior lighting, horns and alarms.


Nuna Innovations Inc. understands the value in working with a strong network of distributors. Our relationships with our distributors benefit our valued customers by ensuring that we have have regional locations ready to provide solutions for your project.

ACF West

ACF West is the Northwest leading distributor of geosynthetic solutions for wide variety of construction applications. Established in 1986, ACF West has grown from a single yard in Portland, Oregon into six locations with over 125,000 sq. ft. of warehouses serving the Pacific Nowrthwest, RockyMountain West and Alaska.

Alaska Garden and Pet

Alaska Garden and Pet is a division of Alaska Mill and Feed. Alaska Garden & Pet Supply, Inc. is your one stop warehouse for erosion control needs. As a member of International Erosion Control Association (IECA) and The Associated General Contractors of Alaska (AGC), we are prepared to provide our clients with industry leading quality and service. Our products are the most reliable, environmentally sound, and cutting edge on the market.


Base Pile and Anchor

Base Pile and Anchor Committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction,
BPA is able to provide turnkey pile installations, including services such as layout, pre drilling for winter applications, welding services and custom fabricated pile caps for
specialty applications.They are ready to complete a variety of excavating jobs,
including trenches, drainage ditches, backfilling and compacting. From light pole bases to retaining wall tie-backs, building supports to tie downs, whether residential commercial or oil field, Base Pile and Anchor is here to help you make money.

Mine Suppy

Mine Supply Company was formed in 1966 initially to serve Saskatchewan's developing Potash Mines. Over the years our business has grown to include all type's of underground mining mainly in Canada, but also in the USA and throughout the world. Our main products are day to day expendable materials however we also supply alot of major capital items.



Summit Waterproofing Ltd is a provider of waterproofing contractor's products/services in Whitehorse Yukon, Canada.


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