Nuna Innovations Inc. is an Inuit owned, Canadian Indigenous company. We pride ourselves in providing environmentally friendly alternatives to equipment and material technologies that
are used in a wide scope of applications.

We work with public and private organizations to replace out-dated products and materials with innovative solutions that not only promote sustainability but also budgetary savings. Nuna Innovations provides cost effective, safe, alternative products and technical solutions to current industry applications.

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Concrete Cloth™

Concrete Cloth™ is a ground breaking material technology that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll, all you have to do is add water – saline or fresh. Supplied in small man portable 10 m2 batch rolls or large 200 m2 bulk rolls; CC is available in thicknesses 5 mm, 8 mm and 13 mm.

•Flexible/ready to use/workable for 2 hours
•No plant or mixing equipment required
•Hydrated using saline on non saline water
•Cannot be over hydrated
•Sets under water or in sea water
•Water, fire , UV, chemical resistant
•Stores up to 24 months in manufacturers packaging



SLIPCOAT ARA™ is a 100% environmentally friendly non-stick coating product designed specifically for use with rubber modified asphalt mix designs in the paving industry. It eliminates sticking and materials build-up on all types of equipment and surfaces.

Many environmentally friendly alternative release agents do not perform well with the stickier polymer modified asphalt used in many of today’s new mix designs. Using diesel fuel or any other solvent that would dissolve the oil in the asphalt cement would cause the mix designs to fail, or at a minimum shorten the life span of the project.

ARA™ is especially formulated for use with high quality rubber modified mix designs without compromising the quality or integrity of the mix. Slipcoat ARA™ is better for the environment, it is also only about 25% of the cost of using diesel fuel and is only applied every third load in trucks for both time and labor savings.


Airstar 360° Balloon Lights

Our energy efficient Airstar lights are very powerful units that can cover very large
areas with high quality shadow-free light for high productivity. They are used for a diverse range of lighting including special events, night work, and emergency situations. One Airstar unit often replaces multiple traditional lights to save power consumption and your budget.

They are favored by night work crews for their glare-free light which improves the
safety of both workers and traffic operating in proximity to worksites.

Our rescue lights offer quick setup and reliable 360 degree light for checkpoints,
search & rescue, triage, and much more.


Portafloor PRO special event flooring

The best temporary flooring system on earth, PRO is a light, lean solution that is specially engineered to provide the support and stability you need in a quickly deployable design.

PRO supports over 34,000 lbs. per sq. ft., is lightweight (1.35 lbs. per sq.ft.) and requires no heavy equipment to install. PRO is rollable, resulting in a temporary shelter flooring rapid install assembly rate of approximately 1000 sq. ft. in under 10 minutes.

PRO is made from polypropylene materials and is 100% recyclable and designed to support today’s zero footprint and green initiatives.

Portafloor MAX heavy duty matting

PORTAFLOOR MAX provides strength and stability in tough applications in varying conditions. Portafloor MAX allows you to access areas with heavy equipment with minimal environmental impact. Manufactured with recycled polypropylene content, MAX modular panel flooring is the best solution for your job sites. Max is designed to contour over most surfaces and to be easily installed by hand or machine.

MAX heavy duty mats support over 80,000 lbs. per sqft. (390,594 kgf/m2) and weighs just 3 lbs. per sqft. (1.59 kg), allowing workers to assemble MAX heavy duty panels into industrial flooring, shelter flooring and walkways, and maintenance pads, without any heavy equipment.


Innovation for sustainable futures

Concrete Cloth™

Traditional concrete is responsible for a staggering 7-10% of global CO² emissions.

Concrete Cloth is the only way of laying a thin concrete layer from a prefabricated roll of material. This enables up to 150 mm of poured concrete to be replaced with just 8 mm for many surfacing applications.

As a result, material savings of 95% can be achieved for a typical construction project. This directly reduces the CO² footprint of construction work not only through material savings but also through reduced road transport and time onsite.

Slipcoat ARA™

Nuna Innovations’ soy-based Slipcoat ARA is nontoxic and is actually EcoLogo certified. Slipcoat ARA is also biodegradable, easy to apply, and replaces a dependence on petroleum with use of a renewable resource—soybeans. Using diesel fuel to clean asphalt equipment is not only potentially harmful to the environment and workers, but is harmful to the longevity of asphalt products. Slipcoat ARA benefits both the environment and the community.


Airstar lights shine in a 360 degree distribution which provides multi-directional light from one source. This often allows crews to replace multiple lights with just one, cutting energy consumption exponentially.

These lights are an extremely efficient use of power and many can be run from inverters or small generators. The Airstar line of Industrial and Safety lighting produces glare free light in 360 degrees unlike conventional lights allowing work to be done in any direction safely without UV ray exposure.


Use Portafloor for all of your events. Protect grass, soil and the environment during events by providing a smooth contiguous surface for all event activities. Provide protection for your turf from large crowds and equipment.

Heavy machinery used in construction projects has negative impacts on the surrounding soil and plants. Portafloor MAX provides safe access in areas with poor ground conditions, weather and environmentally sensitive areas. Portafloor MAX matting supports equipment which prevents it from sinking in the mud – saving time, effort, and the environment.

Portafloor mats can also be used for emergency personnel during floods, fires, search-and-rescue, or other natural disasters.

The manufacturer has been certified as a ZeroWaste Manufacturer by independent environmental consultants.