Nuna Innovations Inc.

is a member of the Nuna Group of Companies. NII seeks emerging products that are not only supported by the extensive experience of Nuna Logistics in the mining and construction markets but also have strong potential for success in the broader marketplace. Nuna Innovations represents and introduces ground-breaking, innovative technologies to the mining, construction, civil, defense, disaster relief and oil & gas industries. Nuna Innovations provides cost effective, safe, alternative product and technology solutions to current industry applications.

NII currently has five product lines:

Airstar Lighting

A patented, mobile, industrial lighting system that greatly improves workplace safety and productivity.

Concrete Canvas

A flexible, cement-impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water and fire proof layer with countless applications from shelters to erosion control.

Global Barrier Coatings

Nuna Innovations is the Canadian distributor for Global Barrier Coatings Inc.’s Release Agents’ line of products. These products include: MRA™ (Mining Release Agent), CRA™ (Concrete Release Agent) and ARA™ (Asphalt Release Agent).

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Hella Lighting

Hella lighting manufactures LED lighting solutions that are designed specifically for heavy duty industry and are designed to world class standards.


From drill rig mats to temporary roads, from shelter flooring to walkways, and from maintenance facility pads to instant helipads, Portafloor provides the rapid installation and superior load capacity for all temporary flooring and access matting needs.



Nuna Innovations Inc.

Nuna is COR certified COR Certification