As the strongest, greenest and best value temporary flooring on earth, PORTAFLOOR MAX is the most effective solution on the market for temporary roadways, construction matting, ground protection, warehouse and shop floors. PortaFloor portable flooring is an ideal foundation for portable buildings, camps, and shelter systems for use in remote sites.

MAX temporary flooring supports over 80,000 lbs. per sq. ft. and each 18” configurable MAX panel weighs less than 7 lbs., allowing workers to assemble MAX without any heavy equipment.

After extensive testing, PortaFloor MAX interlocking flooring has been recognized as the superior industrial flooring or ground cover option for:

  • Deployable maintenance structures
  • Outdoor staging areas
  • Field machine shops
  • Heavy duty shops or warehouses
  • Temporary warehouse/storage facilities
  • Truck loading bays
  • As a heavy duty, reusable, interlocking flooring system PortaFloor MAX surpasses gravel sub-base, poured concrete and wood rig mats in durability, chemical resistance, safety features and cost effectiveness.

    MAX’s uses are virtually limitless. From temporary shelter flooring in Afghanistan, to a permanent floor in a Special Operations physical training facility, to a maintenance mat for an on-location mining maintenance facility, MAX continues to provide stable and safe surfaces for equipment and workers worldwide. Field installations include a temporary roadway access matting at a Texas oil patch that allowed heavy drilling equipment to reach the drill site without getting stuck or tearing up the terrain and a deployable military MAX maintenance pad that enabled the unit to conduct all manner of repair work on its heaviest vehicles.

    Made from recycled polypropylene materials, MAX is custom molded with a traction pattern that increases grab on vehicle tires and creates an anti-slip surface to protect your workers on walkways and other surface applications.
    MAX’s modular design makes it perfect for rapid installation. On a flat, firm surface, a crew of four can install over 1,000 sq. ft. in 10 minutes. Its design also allows it to be easily removed, palletized and shipped to your next site location. In fact, with PortaFloor portable flooring, over 8,300 sq. ft. can be shipped in one 40 ft. HQ container.

    Logistical Savings

    Logistical Savings

    Portafloor Warehouse Floor

    On September 22, 2014, NUNA Innovations installed 2733 square feet of PortaFloor MAX Cold at a Heavy Equipment yard in Onoway, Alberta. The client wanted to improve the working area of the shop floor and ground stabilization in the warehouse loading area. Due to the harsh winter conditions in Alberta, MAX Cold was specified. The material and design of MAX Cold resists and reduces impact damage and stress fracturing in extreme temperatures.PortaFloor was chosen for its chemical resistance, the deep grove grid & textured surface provided increased traction & slip resistance benefits, and it supports over 80,000 psf.

    Portafloor Warehouse Floor

    PortaFloor worked with Shell Oil and one of their on site engineers to provide a solution for a key equipment structures. Shell was looking for a heavy duty fabric tent flooring solution that could replace concrete and reduce their installation and logistics costs. After several tests, PortaFloor MAX in a custom color was chosen as the best solution over the other industrial flooring and matting systems that were tested. MAX reduced installation time, reduced logistics and costs and was an industrial flooring solution able to support the heavy machinery in a cold weather location.

    Crude Truck Loading Bay

    In August 2014, Nuna Innovations Inc. installed 200 square feet of PortaFloor MAXCold at a crude truck loading bay in Rycroft Alberta; where temperatures during the winter months range from 5 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius and fluctuate frequently. The client was experiencing degradation of the loading bay area substrate due to the weight of crude trucks utilizing the area. Each year the client hauled crushed gravel to site in order to replenish the solid foundation for the trucks however, due to the weight of the trucks (63,500 kg), the gravel was absorbed by the soft substrate below. Swamp mats were also considered however the reusable characteristic of Portafloor appealed to the client.


    More sq. ft. per truckload than any other heavy-duty matting. In fact, over 8,300 sq. ft. (771 m2) can be shipped in one 40 ft. HQ container.

    Quickly reconfigurable by hand or machine on site. On a flat, firm surface, a crew of four can install over 3,000 sq. ft. (278 m2) in 1 hour.

    Replaceable, washable, reduces on site dust.

    Supports 80,000 lbs psf/ 600+ psi.

    PortaFloor's custom molded textured traction pattern that increases tire grab and creates an anti-slip work surface.

    65% lighter than other heavy-duty matting. weighs just 3 lbs. per sqft. (1.59 kg), allowing workers to assemble MAX heavy duty interlocking panels quickly and effortlessly.

    Reusable and recyclable. Easily portable flooring can be taken up and re-installed where needed with little effort.

    Recycled materials and chemical resistant.

    Standard and custom sizes available.

    Standard black or custom colors available.

    Optional identification available on each mat. This can be very helpful if you are frequently moving your PortaFloor portable flooring.



    MAX provides a stable surface for maintenance being conducted on a 54,900 pound M984 HEMTT Wrecker. After extensive testing, MAX flooring is recognized as the option for deployable flooring.

    Millitary applications of PORTAFLOOR MAX

    Oil & Gas

    MAX created a temporary roadway access mat. Over 50 trucks rolled over MAX and made a tight turn into the drill site.

    Oil & Gas applications of PORTAFLOOR MAX


    PORTAFLOOR MAX was recently tested on-site at a major mining pit as a relocatable haul truck maintenance pad. PortaFloor successfully supported 466,000+ lb. trucks

    Mining applications of PORTAFLOOR MAX


    MAX was used as a rig mat to support a 156,000 lb. Grove GMK6350 all terrain crane while lifting heavy machinery to a new location. The MAX advantage was providing superior strength support in a lightweight surface solution.

    Construction applications of PORTAFLOOR MAX


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